SUPPORT We provide complete services to create customer values.


Technical Support

BNF Technology's technical support is a customer service that helps smoothly
use the product and increase the usability of the solution. BNF Technology supports you every step of the
way and beyond to take advantage of the potential of data with secure and rapid technical support.

BNF technical support to create customer value
  • Multilingual document support We provide multilingual User Manual, Installation Guide, Release Notes, etc
  • Online / Telephone Support We provide Online Q & A and BNF technical engineers support customers with e-mail / telephone
  • Remote Asses Support BNF engineers provide remote support services when online support is not available or is difficult to on-site visit
  • On-Site Visit Customer can request on-site support if there is a problem that cannot be solved by telephone or online technical support
Solution Consulting

To help you get more insights, our solutions provide real-time monitoring of process
plants and factories such as power generation, chemical, oil, gas, water treatment, semiconductor, steel,
cement, environment, district heating, food and beverage, etc.

  • Seonghwan Min
    General Manager
    • Field Energy Industry
    • E-mail
    • Tel. 042-939-9161
  • Minyong Moon
    General Manager
    • Field Smart Factory
    • E-mail
    • Tel. 042-939-9130

We do our best to solve the challenges customers face with our partners.
The collaboration of BNF technology and partners transforms data into useful information, and the information
becomes business intelligence for operational efficiency and maintenance optimization.

Partner Type
  • Sensor
  • Data Collection
  • Sales Alliance
  • Graphics
  • Others
Our technologies that create synergy with partners
  • Efficient data management system
  • Real-time monitoring of plant at the enterprise level
  • Early warnings for potential failure
  • Monitoring enterprise plant health index
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