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Predictive Analysis Solution that Predicts Plant Potential Failures in Advance

Predictive analysis solution, HanPHI uses machine learning algorithm
to predict potential failures and hidden failures in advance
by providing early warnings so users can prevent potential failure
and improve plant reliability and reduce costs.

  • Accurate Predict Model

    • Real-time learning of past data of normal condition
  • Quality Certification & Awards

    • Certified GS(Good Software)by KITA
    • Software process certification
  • Intuitive Data

    • Calculate index of system health status
  • Cyber Security

    • Apply standard guide by ministry of public administration
    • Develop solution to meet cyber security
  • Rapid Cause Tracking

    • Cause tracking through hierarchical system structure
  • Customizing

    • Flexible customization by customer requirements (ex. Digital start procedure, start curve)
  • Analyze Trend

    • Real-time comparison analysis of present value against past value.
  • Customer Supports

    • Fast and professional customer supports
    • Supported to operate centralized monitoring center

Effective maintenance
  • 1Intuitive current plant condition monitoring
  • 2Prioritize maintenance
  • 3Efficient resource management
Improve Plant Reliability
  • 1Eliminate potential failures
  • 2Ensure enough lead-time
  • 3Improve plant operation
  • Health Index
    • Real-Time Index
      • Real-time health Index
      • Index/ Trend by equipment
      • Trend of KPI
    • Past Index Replay
      • Past health index
      • VCR replayer
  • Success Tree
    • Equipment System Structure Diagram
      • System success tree
      • Equipment Index
      • Track the minimal index tag
    • Set Index
      • Set System Index calculation
      • Weighting by critical tag
      • Priorities by equipment components sensitivity
  • Early Warning
    • View Early Warnings
      • Alarm Information
      • Alarm filter by alarm level
      • Sort alarm by alarm type
      • Manage maintenance works
      • Set alarm condition
  • Analysis
    • Trend
      • real-time data Trend
      • Expected data Trend
      • Residual data Trend
      • Group Trend
      • Watch List
      • Alarm List
  • Modeling
    • Predictive Model
      • Data Sampling
      • Set Min-Max
    • Model Executer
      • Calculate predictive model in real time
      • Select best predictive model based on current data
  • Report
    • Reports Management
      • MS Office Excel- Add On
      • Register report template
      • Real-time data load
      • Historian data load
      • Data statistics and analysis
      • Automatically make digital reports

HanPHI 도식 : 자세한 설명은 아래의 내용을 참고하세요

  • PLANT / DCS or Plant Information System
    • 운전변수
    • 상관관계 분석, 학습모델 작업, 예측값
    • 편차계산
  • Action
    • 이상징후 감시
    • 이상 TAG 추척
    • 전체상태 감시
    • 설비별 지수계산
    • Success Tree
    • 플랜트 지수계산