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Industrial Big Data Infrastructure for Plant Data Integration and Analysis

HanPrism collects and stores large-scale data generated in various equipment of
distributed plant site in real time, so users can access and analyze
necessary data anytime and anywhere and perform innovative work.

  • Data Reliability

    • 100% match of DCS and PLC data
    • Complete standard coal-fired and nuclear power plant verification
  • Quality Certification & Awards

    • Certified GS(Good Software)by KITA
    • Software process certification
  • System Connectivity

    • Various Interfaces (DCS, PLC, OPC UA, Etc.)
    • Connect with ERP/MES/PLM
  • Cyber Security

    • Apply standard guide by ministry of public administration
    • Develop solution to meet cyber security
  • Integrated Operation

    • Integrated monitoring for 24 customer sites
    • Supported to operate 2 centralized monitoring center.
  • Customizing

    • Flexible customization by customer requirements
      (ex. Digital start procedure, start curve)
  • UI / UX

    • User experience centered Interface
    • Reflect actual user requirements in product development
  • Customer Supports

    • Fast and professional customer supports
    • Supported to operate centralized monitoring center

Optimized Plant Operation
  • 1Real-time monitor plant status based on accurate data without reliable data
  • 2Visualize data with various tools for easy monitoring and analyzing
Best Business Decision
  • 1Instantly share and manage the same information on multiple devices anytime and anywhere
  • 2Enterprise-wide business decision making based on reliable data
  • Monitoring
    • Real-Time Monitoring
      • Real-time data monitoring
      • 2D / 3D equipment screen
      • Graphic Editor
    • Mimic Re-Player
      • Mimic Re-Player Historian data monitoring
      • VCR replay
  • Alarm
    • Set Alarm
      • Alarm condition setting
      • Alarm range setting
    • View Alarm
      • View alarm by duration
      • View alarm by equipment
      • View accumulated alarm
      • View by priority (Alarm Level)
  • Analysis
    • Chart Analysis
      • Real-Time Trend
      • Historian Trend
      • Compare Trend
      • Bar Chart
      • Tile Chart
      • X-Y Plot
  • Dashboard / Web
    • Manage KPI
      • Production and quality KPI manage
      • Real-time mimics (process graphics)
      • Integrate data with ERP / MES system
      • Create and edit dashboard by user
      • Support web and mobile monitoring
  • Report
    • Manage Reports
      • MS Office Excel- Add On
      • Register report template
      • Real-time data load
      • Historian data load
      • Data statistics and analysis
      • Automatically make digital reports

HanPrism 도식 : 자세한 설명은 아래의 내용을 참고하세요

  • BigData Server / 통합 모니터링 관제 센터(실시간 설비 모니터링, 예지 보전 / 조기 경보, 타 시스템 연계 KPI 관리, 실시간/과거 데이터분석, 공장 CCTV 현황)
  • RTDB Server (Master), RTDB Server (Slave), ERP System, MES System, CCTV System, 각 공장 별 시스템 운영
  • TCP/IP
  • 물리적 단방향 통신(사이버 보안 문제 해결)
    • Gateway 제 1공장
    • Gateway 제 2공장
    • Gateway 제 N공장
    • Gateway

      Supported Network Interface

    • OPC UA, DA
    • PLC (Modbus)
    • DCS (ABB, GE, SIEMS, etc.)
    • SCADA
    • IoT (Internet of Things)
    • MQTT
    • M2M
    • IEC 61850 Ed2
  • (Line #1, Line #3, Line #4, Line #5, Line #n) DCS, PLCs, Sensor, Etc.
    • Rockwell Automation
    • Honeywell
    • ABB
    • LS

HanPrism Plug-In

Add more features with HanPrism’s many lug-in applications.

  • HanOMS

    Plant Operation Monitoring System

    Monitor major operation signals that lead directly to unplanned outages and provide alarms prior to the DCS alarm to prevent unplanned outages.

  • HanTops

    Performance Monitoring System

    Accurately calculate plant and equipment performance based on ASME PTC for thermal and combined-cycle power plants


    Coal Blending Management System

    help you to manage coal handling, short/long-term stock trends, ship unloading, and coal yard inventory.

  • BTMS

    Boiler Tube Management System

    Save and integrate boiler tube maintenance history, inspection results, and technical materials