IIoT stands for Industrial Internet of Things.
Thousands of data from various industrial devices can be connected by wire or wireless, and it is provided as necessary information to the people who need it with the required form and context.

  • Securing dispersed machine data
  • Prevention of data loss
  • Identification of related problems between machines
  • Real-time data monitoring of enterprise equipment

IIoT Platform

for monitoring machine data whenever, wherever you need it

IIoT 플랫폼 도식 : 자세한 설명은 아래의 내용을 참고하세요

    • Client Program
      • PFD (Plant Flow Diagram)
      • Data Report
      • Alarm
      • Data Trend
      • Data
    • Large Display (TV)
  • IIoT 플랫폼(설비 데이터) MES System(생산 정보 데이터)
  • TCP/IP, Data gateway, Wireless Network Zone(공장 = CP, 온도, 온도, 탬퍼링 시간, LPG, RX, NH3), Wireless Gateway, Control Panel

Benefits of IIoT Platform

It supports monitoring machine data at the enterprise level and real-time decision-making with connections between data.

  • Reduced Data

    Decrease unnecessary used management expenses caused by scattered data system

  • Data Integration
    and Equipment

    In real-time, monitor integrated data which had managed on a distributed system

  • IT/OT

    Share OT data and utilize OT data for decision making systems

  • Improved

    Reduce the cost of interfaces development between each machine, while increasing scalability