• Our Best, Your Excellence

    BNF Technology connects industry knowledge with innovative
    technology so that our best is the excellence of our customers.

  • Digital Transformation
    Starts with All the Potential of Data

    Operational excellence is achieved when all the real time data
    of industrial devices integrated into a single network.

  • 19year 19TH anniversary of foundation

    We provide the best solution with industry experience and technical know-how.

  • 05countries References of 5 countries

    We try to provide new paradigm of global process plant industry.

  • 253Sites Install over 253 sites

    We try to solve our customers difficulties and desire their success.

  • 20partner More than 20 partners

    We work together with the best partners

  • IT Personnel 72%
  • Intellectual Property 12
  • Self-developed Solution Big Data Infrastructure
  • Software Standard Compliance Secure Software
  • Provide Total Solution From Design to Manage

Our software has continually evolved for our customers’ success.

  • 01 HanPrism Plant Information System Data platform for plant data integration and analysis By collecting and integrating large-scale data generated in various facilities of distributed industrial sites in real time, users can access and analyze necessary data anytime and anywhere and innovate their operation. More
    Plant Information System
  • 02 HanPHI Predictive Analytics system Predictive monitoring solution to prevent potential plant failure Using machine learning algorithm, it predicts and alerts potential failures in advance, allows users to detect potential failures that can lead to catastrophic failures, reducing risk and costs. More
    Plant Information System
  • 03 HanHMI Plant Monitoring & Control HMI System HMI solution for safe and efficient control and monitoring of plant facilities Based on proven interface technology and decades of expertise, it provides an optimal plant-control system that allows users to more efficiently and securely control and monitor plant condition. More
    Plant Information System

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